Welcome to the District 6 American Advertising Awards!

Information below is for both local chairs & at-large entrants.


ENTRY RULES: All entries must conform to 2021 American Advertising Award guidelines

ENTRY DEADLINE: All entries must be electronically forwarded AND physically shipped & received by midnight Friday, March 05, 2021

NOTE: District will be going VIRTUAL this year so no entries need to be mailed. However, payments MUST be received by the deadline.

LATE FEES: $50 per entry for entries received between March 6th and midnight on March 12th. NO EXCEPTIONS

MAIL ENTRIES TO: Beth Fischer, 1125 West Glen Ave, Peoria, Illinois 61614

WHAT TO SHIP: A check for forwarding fees on all forwarded entries. Must be received by the March 5th deadline.

All clubs must forward their entries using the American Advertising Award software.



Other resources, including How-to guides and Judging guidelines:


WINNER NOTIFICATION: Local American Advertising Awards Chairs & At-large individuals will be notified via email of the District winners from their club by or before April 01, 2021. It will be the responsibility of local American Advertising Award Chairs to notify your local winners.


AWARDS: GOLD award trophies & SILVER medallions will be shipped to you for distribution to your winners. 


NATIONAL COMPETITION: District Gold American Advertising Award winners will be auto-forwarded to the National American Advertising Award competition. Silver winners will also be forwarded to National, however, the entrant must pay an additional fee directly to national before it is judged. Fees are $100.00 for a single entry, and $100.00 for a campaign. The AAF will notify Silver ADDY winners and inform them of when and how to make payment. If your members have any questions about this, ask them to contact Amanda DeHart (202) 898-0089 at the National AAF Headquarters.


QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES: Contact Beth Fischer at mailto: or 309.883.6418

SOFTWARE PROBLEMS: Contact AAF support directly at




- Professional Members forwarded by an AAF Club - $85 for single entries and $105 for campaigns.

- Student Members forwarded by an AAF Club - $25 for single entries and $30 for campaigns


All clubs must forward their entries using the American Advertising Awards software. PLEASE INCLUDE A HARD COPY OF YOUR FINAL ENTRY MANIFEST INCLUDING ALL ENTRY FORMS FOR ALL ENTRIES INCLUDING DIGITAL and a CHECK PAYMENT along with your entries. Each entry must come with the local entry form attached to it. If it does not, the entry will not be judged. You can easily print your manifest from the American Advertising Award software.


PLEASE NOTE: Any club that does not properly forward their entries using the American Advertising Award software AND make full payment BY THE DEADLINE will not be judged at District.


WHAT TO SHIP: All Gold American Advertising Award winners must be auto-forwarded at the club's expense to the D6 judging site listed above. All Silver awards FORWARDED & PAID by the entrant should be forwarded as well. (Do not send ALL of your Silver winners for us to sort through). If we do not receive the money to cover judging the Silver American Advertising Award entry you send us, it will not be judged. You MUST separate your Gold and Silver entries before shipping. Mark Gold American Advertising Awards and Silver American Advertising Awards on the side of each box.



- Professional At-Large Fees - $125 for single entries and $175 for campaigns

- Student At-Large Fees - $45 for single entries and $55 for campaigns


ENTRY RULES: D6 At-Large judging will take place immediately prior to the D6 American Advertising Awards judging for all entrants that did NOT have a local American Advertising Awards competition to enter.  All entries must conform to 2021 American Advertising Awards Rules and Guidelines and must NOT have already been entered in a local ADDY Competition. To enter, go to  and create a username and password. Select your city or club from the pull down menu and then follow the instructions. When completed, print all of your entry forms and attach them to your manifest and send it along with your entries and check to the address above. All entries that receive an American Advertising Awards in the At-Large judging will then be judged in the 6th District American Advertising Awards competition.


REMINDER: Each entry must come with your local entry form attached to it. If it does not, the entry will not be judged. Attach a copy of each entry form for ALL entries, including digital, to your manifest.